F.O.K on Woman’s Hour

w hour

So on Friday I did something almost as terrifying as that time I was nearly sick on Australian breakfast TV. I didn’t tell anyone about it beforehand, in case I actually was sick this time.

I was in a live debate on Woman’s Hour. I don’t think I was sick, though since I’ve been too cowardly to listen back to it on iPlayer, there’s every chance that I was and have simply wiped it from my memory as a self-preservation mechanism.

If you want to find out, I’m right at the end here (can’t tell you the exact time code since, as I said, I haven’t listened to it). Please don’t tell me if I was. Because in my own, warped memory, it was actually really fun – Broadcasting House; a professional studio with headphones and a soundboard; Jenni Murray… And radio. Who doesn’t love radio? You can be communicating with an audience live, yet still be in your pyjamas with three-day-unbrushed-hair. Bliss.